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Hear No Evil

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16 June 2014


HearNoEvilModifiedFront5-5x8-5How’s your summer going? Read any good books lately? Need a recommendation? Let me tell you about Hear No Evil, a book written with your age group in mind!

Have you ever gone to camp over the summer? What would you do if your Mom took you to camp, and once she got you there, she told you she wasn’t coming back to pick you up? That instead, you were going to have to go and live with someone else?

Video Chat-Owl City "In Christ Alone"

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24 April 2014

Grab your Mom, watch this video, and chat it out!

Video-Owl City "In Christ Alone"


1.  Who is Jesus Christ?  What did He do for me?

2.  Jesus died on the cross and rose from the grave three days later!  He is alive and one day we will see him face to face.  What does this mean for me?

3.  Because of Jesus, I don't have to fear death.  I am safe in His hands no matter what and no one can take Him away from me!  How does that make you feel?

4.  When problems come, who will stand with me and help me?

5.  How much does Jesus love me?

The Easter Bunny versus Jesus

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15 April 2014

easterDo you like Easter baskets filled with candy and goodies?

Do you enjoy searching for eggs or hiding them from others?

Do you like to do things that are fun and celebrate special days?

Me too!

There are two sides to Easter. There’s the Easter Bunny side with fun, frolic, gifts, and eggs, and there’s the Christian side with the death of Jesus and His resurrection and special church services. When it comes to the Easter Bunny versus Jesus, what's a good Christian to do? Do we have to choose just one? Does hunting eggs mean that you don’t really love Jesus?