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Can Christians Still Watch and Listen to Non-Christian Music and TV?

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19 June 2015



As Christians, it can be tough walking the line between following God and living our day to day lives. Secular music (non-Christian music, in other words) and television are especially tough topics. It’s true that we must protect our eyes and ears from things that can harm us. After all, images and the spoken word can have a powerful impact on someone. But how do you know what to watch and what not to watch? What to listen to and what to tune out?

Mary of Bethany: Keeping it Real

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28 May 2015

jesus with woman 425x282Recently we met Mary Magdalene who taught us we all experience bitterness in our lives. Jesus longs to help us accept it, heal from the pain, and move forward. Jesus has a great plan for you and believes you can do incredible things. 

Let’s introduce ourselves to another Mary, Mary of Bethany.

Mary had a holy friendship with Jesus. We first meet Mary at home with her sister Martha. Jesus is hanging out and joining them for dinner. Mary, sitting at Jesus’ feet, is amazed by the stories he shares and the images he paints of a world without pain, a world exploding with God’s love.

In Mary’s day, sitting at the feet of your guest was not proper. The house was to be spotless and the meal superb. Mary was so focused on Jesus that she forgot (or didn’t care) about her role as hostess. Martha quickly reminded Mary of her duty when she huffed out of the kitchen asking Jesus to send Mary to help. (Can you hear the sass in Martha’s voice and see a wooden spoon in her hand?)

How Easter is Like a Trip to the Dentist

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03 April 2015

easterThis is going to sound horrible, but when I was growing up, I didn’t get the big deal about Easter. I mean, sure, it’s a BIG DEAL that Jesus came back from the dead. And if we believe that he did, then we can have ETERNAL LIFE. That’s not the part I’m talking about.

The part that always got me was that Jesus knew what was going to happen. He knew that he’d be tortured but eventually he’d come back to life and get to go back to heaven and live with God. He knew there was a happily ever after at the end of the story.