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Choosing the Bible that's Right for You

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17 September 2015


hands holding bible


Why are there so many versions of the Bible? Which one should I read?



kellymartinPeople learn different ways. Some like to read the older versions because it is what they are used too. Some can't understand it.

Personally, I like the New Living Translation because I understand it better. It is more like how I speak. Some like other versions. If you aren't sure which verision you can understand more, go to places on the internet like Bible Gateway and look up the same verse with different translations and see which one makes the most sense.

Anna Breaks Tradition

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14 September 2015


Check it out in Luke 2:22-38

Let me introduce you to our sister, Anna. Anna kept people on their toes as she chose a unique path for her life. Can you relate?

Are you tired of trying to fit in? Are you longing to step out, do something different and go your own way? Are you afraid to chose the path you really want to take for fear of being alone or being made fun of? Anna shows us that when we step out we are not alone. It's not easy,  but it is totally worth it!

Anna is only given only two verses in the Bible, but her legacy is huge. She was married only seven years when her husband died. This loss was devastating not only because she lost her love, but in her day and culture women depended on their husbands to provide and protect them.

Tradition called for Anna to move back in with her parents and wait for another man to marry her. But Anna didn't  go home and she didn't wait for a man to secure her future. Instead she chose the unexpected. She went to the temple, the place God’s people gathered to pray, worship, offer sacrifice, and discuss religious issues of the day. She gave her life to our awesome God who would love her more than anyone, man or family, could.

God is in Control

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13 August 2015

heaven ssWe were three hours into a fifteen hour drive to Florida when the van broke down.  Apparently we lost the chain thingee that powered the doo-ja mahickey that made something important turn inside the motor. (Can you tell I’m not a car person?)  In ten seconds, all of our careful vacation plans went out the window – or dropped onto the highway if you want to get technical. 

Instead of staying at the hotel with the indoor pool and hot breakfast like we planned, we ended up finding a room in a ramshackle spot right off the interstate.  No pool and the breakfast ended up being Little Debbie Honey buns and powdered milk. No one complained. We were just grateful we’d been able to steer the van safely off the dark interstate and find shelter.