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A Little Thanks Goes a Long Way

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18 April 2015

thank you2Ok, repeat after me: "Thanks, Mom!" or "Thanks, Dad!"

Now really, was that so hard?

Ok. I totally saw you roll your eyes. And yes, this is a two-way mirror.

I know it’s not cool to appreciate your parents, but it is the right thing to do!

After all, when else in your lifetime will you have two people falling all over themselves to be a part of your life? (Hint—never).

How to Regain Your Parents' Trust

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10 March 2015

mom and daughterI had a friend in elementary school (actually, I think it was our parents that were friends), and I used to hate it when she came over to my house because she always tried to steal my toys when she left. Once I figured it out, I’d always check her when she was leaving to make sure she wasn’t taking anything I cared about. Was she a good friend? No. Was I happy to see her when she came over? Not really. But the thing is, I knew how she was. I knew better than to trust her.

Have you ever caught one of your friends in a lie? Someone you trusted to tell you the truth?

I Hate Chores

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22 January 2015





My parents just had me so I could scrub their sinks and toilets. Basically I was child labor, brought into the world to do all their dirty work. At least that’s what I thought when I was your age.

Then I grew up and got a house of my own. I suddenly realized how many chores need to get done and the bad things that can happen when you don’t do them. Let’s just say pictures are worth a thousand words. Click on READ MORE and you'll see what I mean.