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I need some money!

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20 October 2015


"I'm going to buy Dance Party Extravaganza next time we go to the mall,” Jade told her best friend, Izzie as they opened Jade's refrigerator in search of afterschool snacks.

"But that game's like fifty bucks." Izzie pulled out an apple. "How can you afford it?"

"I've been saving my allowance for weeks." Jade replied as she grabbed the milk and slammed the fridge door shut.

"You're lucky." Izzie frowned. "My parents don't believe in allowance.  They want me to be perpetually poor. Allowance for kids should be a Constitutional right!"

I Don’t Like My Teacher

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15 October 2015

mean teacherYou’ve tried your best. But it’s just not working. You’re halfway through the school year and you still don’t like your teacher. You have a sneaking suspicion that she may feel the same. Either way, the simple fact is, her class is pure misery for you.

So what do you do when you’re stuck for the rest of the year?

Respect her anyway

. The best way to get along with any difficult person in your life is to show them respect. For teachers, this means listening, participating, and doing your work. You won’t like everyone and quite frankly, everyone won’t like you. But, showing respect to someone you don’t care for allows you to have as friendly a relationship as possible, while honoring their place in your life.

Help! My Younger Sibling is a BRAT!

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08 October 2015

bratty brotherYou know the story.

You’re sitting in front of the television, minding your own business. Your younger siblings come in the room. Within nanoseconds, they begin doing things specifically designed to grate on your very last nerve. They make clicking noises. They sing off key to the theme song of the television show. Or worse, they try to sit beside you and put sticky fingers in your hair.

You can’t take it.