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A Little Thanks Goes a Long Way

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21 August 2014

thank you2Ok, repeat after me: "Thanks, Mom!" or "Thanks, Dad!"

Now really, was that so hard?

Ok. I totally saw you roll your eyes. And yes, this is a two-way mirror.

I know it’s not cool to appreciate your parents, but it is the right thing to do!

After all, when else in your lifetime will you have two people falling all over themselves to be a part of your life? (Hint—never).

You Know You're a Second Born Child If...

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18 March 2014

family bonds mother and daughterCalling all second born children.  Does this scene sound familiar?

OLDER SIBLING: Hey, Mom and Dad. I microwaved a Hot Pocket all by myself.

MOM: (oohing and ahhing). Wow, my amazing first born child, that is so wonderful.  You're the smartest child in the entire world.

DAD: You didn't burn down the house or anything. Let me grab my phone and take a video to share with all my friends.

YOU: Hey guys, I just found a cure for cancer.

PARENTS: Not now. Can't you see we're busy praising our first born for this amazing accomplishment?

YOU: But I'm about to save millions of lives.

PARENTS: But did you microwave a Hot Pocket? Without ANY help?

You Know You're a First Born if....

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04 February 2014

family ssYou might be a firstborn if:

**You ran for student council or class officer.

**You’re in dance, gymnastics, and take piano lessons, but your little brother only gets to play one sport.

**You have never worn hand-me-downs.

**You got your ears pierced at 12. Your middle sister was 10. Your baby sister was 8.

**It took a week before your parents decided you were old enough to go to a sleepover. Your sister gets invited to a sleepover, she’s a year younger than you were, and Mom texts “Yes” before she pulls away from school pickup.

**You have three baby albums all scrapbooked by hand. Your younger siblings' birth pictures are still on Mom’s laptop.

There are advantages and disadvantages to being your parents' first child.