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Dealing with Hair Issues

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25 March 2014

hair flying awayAre good hair days slip, slip, slipping away and leaving you with a greasy mess on your head?

You are not alone! As puberty begins, the oil glands in your body become more active. You might notice this on your face first as it becomes shinier or even breaks out with a pimple (also known as a zit). But, did you know that it may also be the cause for your hair becoming unusually greasy?

How to Set Good Goals

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19 March 2014

goal settingYou know you need to be physically active and eat better but how do you do it? Setting the right kind of goals is the best way to get started. Goals should be specific, measurable, and achievable. For example, I will exercise 30 minutes, 3 days per week. Then make it a timetable and measure it. Maybe try it for a month and put a sticker on each day you meet your goal.

And if you’re like me, a little friendly competition is a good way to make it stick. Set the goal with a friend or group of friends and at the end of the month, see who exercises the most, the most consistently, does the most unique activity, or who has the best results.

New Year's Resolutions - Check in Time!

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06 March 2014

r u readyHello fellow resolution makers! It's been a few months now since the big ball drop and the start of 2014 so I wanted to check and see how you are keeping your New Year’s resolution. This year, I've committed to being different! (Romans 12:2)  So what was your resolution?