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Oh No! It's a P-p-p-pimple!

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02 June 2015


A pimple already?! Possibly. If you’re like most girls your age, you can begin experiencing zits and blemishes as early as age 9. In fact, more than 85% of teenagers deal with acne, and it all starts during the tween years just as you are entering puberty.

Where is This Stuff Coming From?!

Our bodies are covered in millions of pores. Each pore is connected to an oil gland. Normally, these oil glands produce just enough oil to help keep our skin smooth and soft. But, during puberty, the amount of oil your body produces increases dramatically due to hormone surges. This increase in oil production can cause pores to get clogged, resulting in every tweens nemesis: a pimple!

TOO Many Good Things?

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21 May 2015

happy girl in grass

Is it possible to have too of something good? Too much chocolate? Too much fun? Too many friends? Too much family? Too much money? Too many books? Too many clothes?

I guess it depends on what it is. Clearly, it is impossible to have too much chocolate. :)

How to Love the Kid with a Funny Name

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17 March 2015

When I was in sixth grade, I knew a kid with a funny name, but this kid’s name wasn’t the only thing that made him different. This boy looked different too. bully


And maybe it was because of his annoying classroom habits or maybe it was the fact that no one knew what to make of a boy who just didn’t fit in, but the kid with the funny name didn’t have any friends.