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Diffusing Gossip

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26 June 2014

gossip3"I heard Amanda’s father moved out."

I look at Jennifer, really look at her. I can’t tell if she’s telling the truth or just making it up to get a rise out of me.

"Really?" I do my best to look and sound as if it doesn’t matter to me. But it does. My father moved out last month and I’ve been trying to keep it a secret from my friends. Has Jennifer found out somehow?

"You know what that means…" she presses.

"No, what does it mean, Jen?"

Jen rolls her eyes at me. "Her parents must be getting a divorce. Can you believe it?"

Why do you think Jennifer told Chrissie about Amanda?

What reaction was Jennifer expecting?

Do you think Jennifer was telling the truth?

What would you have said if you were Chrissie?

Which do you think is worse, sharing rumors or listening to them?

Finding the Perfect Swimsuit - Long Torsos

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24 June 2014

swimmingDo you have a long torso? I do. At least for my height. How do you know if you do? Maybe your suit always gives you a wedgie or seems low in front but otherwise fits. Or maybe it just doesn't fit right. You feel like you're being scrunched into a banana shape. It took me a while to figure out that I have a long torso. I'm petite (5'3") and fairly thin, so I didn't need a bigger size, but tank suits often seemed to pull on me or hang low.

So what kind of suit looks best on you? Of course it depends on your overall shape. Do you have a bigger athletic build? Are you heavier? Are you thin? Curvy? Flat? You'll want to think about these things or do what I do. Try on a million suits until you find "the one".

Don’t have the next twenty years to try on swimsuits? Let me help out.

Meet the Author of Hear No Evil

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19 June 2014

questionsI’m here today with Mary Hamilton, the author of Hear No Evil, a book set at a Christian summer camp. I’d thought it would be fun to find out some behind-the-scenes stuff from the author herself.

Mary, thanks for joining us!

Tell me, who did you have in mind when you wrote Hear No Evil?

Mary: Before I started writing Hear No Evil, I was involved in the lives of several kids whose parents had divorced. I saw the depth of pain the effects of divorce caused in these kids, the insecurity they struggled with, wondering why one parent or the other didn’t seem to care about them. Those are the kids I had in mind when I was writing this story.