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Why do We Dye Easter Eggs?

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18 April 2014

easter eggsEaster is around the corner! I am so excited! I love going to the store and getting some yummy Reese peanut butter eggs. I love Easter and all that you can do at Easter: the Easter egg hunts at church, the candy, the baskets, and my fave - coloring eggs. Every year I buy eggs and a coloring kit and color some eggs. I began to wonder where this tradition came from, and what I found out about Easter eggs surprised me.

Tips for Getting Fit

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03 April 2014


scalesHowdy girls! I want to chat today about something that we all struggle with and that is our weight. Too thin? Too chunky? Most of us just don't think we're where we should be.  So before we begin this discussion, please remember to accept yourself as the beautiful person you are without looking at the scale. When you can do that... and only when you can forget about that pesky scale... then we can talk about the touchy subject of weight.

I love myself the way I am, but I would like to be healthier.

Soda: The Good, the Bad, the Bubbly

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31 March 2014

soda popYou hop off the bus, walk through the door, drop that heavy pack and sigh after another long day of school. Before starting that dreaded homework, you head to the fridge to quench your thirst. You open the door and scan the shelves. What do you choose?

a.    Ice cold milk…you rock the milk-stache

b.    Tea…you’re a southern belle kind of girl

c.    Mountain Dew...Dew the dew baby!

d.    Pepsi…Live for now!

e.    Water with crushed ice…how cool are you, your beverage of choice is in the door!