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Sparkly People

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15 July 2014

princess girl


I love sparkly things. Whether it’s Dorothy’s shoes from The Wizard of Oz or Tinkerbelle’s wand in Peter Pan, my eyes are drawn to things that glitter and shine.

Have you ever known a person who sparkles? Oh, I’m not talking about her clothes or lip gloss. Some people just seem to have an inner light that shines. Their smiles light up a room, and when you talk to them, you feel warm and happy, as if that person really likes you and thinks you’re special. Those are the ones I call, "sparkly people."

Love the Sun?

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07 July 2014


Sun kissed …. Bronzed and beautiful … Tanned and healthy… Long, long ago, these words described the summer tan every young woman wanted. But that was back in the olden days when people churned their own ice cream and kept dinosaurs as pets.  

 Now through modern technology, we’ve realized a few things. Like ice cream is easy and cheap at the grocery store. Dinosaurs make terrible pets because they eat too much and leave scales on the carpeting. And most importantly, tanned skin is not healthy skin.

What We Love About the Fourth of July

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01 July 2014

flag girl

With the Fourth of July close upon us, we thought it would be fun to share our favorite things about the holiday.  So here goes: