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How to Love the Kid with a Funny Name

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17 March 2015

When I was in sixth grade, I knew a kid with a funny name, but this kid’s name wasn’t the only thing that made him different. This boy looked different too. bully


And maybe it was because of his annoying classroom habits or maybe it was the fact that no one knew what to make of a boy who just didn’t fit in, but the kid with the funny name didn’t have any friends.

Gossips Beware

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13 January 2015


"I heard Amanda stole a tube of lip gloss the last time she went to the store."

"Are you serious?" Lacey gasps. "You mean she shoplifted it?"

Jennifer leans closer to Lacey. "Yeah. I hear she does it all the time."

"I’m not surprised." Lacey lowers her voice. "She just seems like the sort of person you can’t trust."

"I know, right?"

Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

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30 October 2014

halloween 640x480

"What are we going to dress up like for Halloween?"

When Samantha asked her new friend, Ashley, this question, she didn't expect Ashley's weird response.  The two friends were walking side by side down the hallway toward the lunch room. Ashley stopped and almost got plowed down by a line of fifth graders rushing into the cafeteria.  If they kept standing there with Ashley staring at her, they were going to end up at the end of the lunch line.  Which wouldn't be such a big deal if it wasn't pizza day.  The cafeteria always ran out of pizza and those at the end of the line got reheated leftovers from the day before.  If Ashley didn't get moving, they were going to be eating mushy corndogs.