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Quiz - What's UR Sharing Style?

04 June 2012
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girl reading bible

We just talked about sharing Jesus with your friends. If you missed it, check out our BFF page. Now, it's time for a fun quiz so you can figure out your own Gospel sharing style.


You get free time at school. What are you doing?

A) Chit chatting with your friends about the new movie you saw last weekend.

B) Writing poetry or creating an outline for your next short story.

C) Making a masterpiece from leftovers supplies in the art room.


Your mom wants you to take care of inviting your friends to your birthday party. You -

A) Pick up the phone and text or call them.

B) Create a rhyming invitation which you email out.

C) Get out the construction paper, some glitter, and scissors. You'll make homemade invitations.



You're running for student council. Your favorite part?

A) Giving the speech. Talking to your classmates is fun.

B) Brainstorming campaign slogans. You dread the speech, but you can easily make up some snappy slogans.

C) Decorating your campaign posters. Yours will be the most artistic the school has ever seen.


Your mom gets you the best Christmas present ever. Is it -

A) A new phone. You'll never be disconnected again from your friends!

B) A journal. You can keep all your thoughts and dreams in one place!

C) Art supplies. A lifetime supply of glitter - your life is now complete!

MOSTLY A's: You, my sister, are a very verbal person. You have no trouble speaking with others and if you have to go a whole day without talking, you might actually break out in hives. (Okay, probably not. But it wouldn't be good!). You have all the tools you need to just tell your friends about Jesus. Talk to them and let them know how important your faith is. Trust me, you'll find the right words.

MOSTLY B's. You express yourself best on paper. You'd probably be most comfortable sharing the Gospel by emailing or texting a friend. You'll want to take the time to think it through and choose your words carefully. There's no doubt, you'll say what you need to if you take this route.

MOSTLY C's: You're very artsy. You might find it hard to express yourself without colored pencils, clay, popsicle art sticks, etc... Your best bet might be to make your friends a cross. This present can be a way for you to open up about your faith.