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Being a Friend to the Friendless

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12 February 2016

friendshipEveryone wants friends, It's how we were designed. Frankly we, especially as girls, cannot survive without friends. Some people are social butterflies and have tons of friends.  Others have one awesome BFF, while others are lonely having no friends. If you fall into the last category, I have good news. You are not alone! You have a friend waiting for you and His name is Jesus. He is the best friend you will ever have. He loves you more than you can imagine! He longs to know your favorite color, your favorite book, what bugs you, and what makes you happy. He wants to know everything about you. I don’t know about you, my sister, but I think that is the best friend material right there! So, if you are lonely and longing for a friend, call out to Jesus, the best friend in the whole universe. (Click here and let us introduce you to Jesus!)


Be an Encourager!

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16 November 2015

friends3Do you want to have lots of friends? Do you want people to scramble to sit next to you at the lunch table, or stand next to you in the kickball line? Do you want people to light up when you walk into a room and get excited at your very presence?

Yeah, me too.

Sometimes, though, we want others to like us so much, we can make them feel pressured, and no one likes to feel pressured. Sometimes, we think we can impress others by letting them know how important we are, or how much we know. But when we do that, we often end up making them feel put down, like we think we’re better than they are. And when others feel put down or criticized, they probably won’t like us very much.

But when we make the people around us feel good about themselves, they will want to be around us! If your friend misses what seems to be an easy shot in the volleyball game, instead of making her feel bad, tell her, "Good try! You’ll get it next time." If she made a B on the spelling test even after studying for hours, tell her, "Some of those words were really hard. You should feel proud of that B!"

Helping Your BFF Deal with Grief

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13 October 2015


Your cell phone rings and when you pick it up, you barely recognize your BFF’s voice as she chokes out, “Grandma died last night.”

You say the first word that comes to your mind, “Really?”

Surely there was something more profound you could have said to make your friend feel better, right? Unfortunately, there’s no perfect way to deal with loss.

So what can you do to comfort someone who’s grieving?