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Great Ways for Homeschoolers to Find Friends

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07 April 2014

friends5Who out there is homeschooled? I was homeschooled from first grade until I graduated from high school, and one thing that homeschoolers understand is that it is hard to find friends.

Friends Bugging You to Date and You’re not Ready?

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13 March 2014

boy and girlI had my first boyfriend for exactly 45 minutes at which time I promptly broke up with him and went out with his best friend for three months. It was the summer between seventh and eighth grade. Now that I have a son, I feel sorry for that poor first boy.

Looking back, I wish my future self could have told my seventh grade self that making a commitment to any boy at that age was just a bit foolish, because chances are pretty good that it will not end in a lifelong commitment. So what is the only expected outcome?

Fake Friends

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04 March 2014

madOne of the most hurtful things ever is being stabbed in the back by a "friend." The pain of trusting someone only to find out they have used you or are only interested in their own benefit is truly devastating. 

Jesus understands. One of his disciples betrayed him by a kiss, receiving money to hand him over to people who would ultimately kill him. Another disciple named Peter denied even knowing Jesus during his darkest trial.