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Be an Encourager!

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24 July 2014

friends3Do you want to have lots of friends? Do you want people to scramble to sit next to you at the lunch table, or stand next to you in the kickball line? Do you want people to light up when you walk into a room and get excited at your very presence?

Yeah, me too.

Sometimes, though, we want others to like us so much, we can make them feel pressured, and no one likes to feel pressured. Sometimes, we think we can impress others by letting them know how important we are, or how much we know. But when we do that, we often end up making them feel put down, like we think we’re better than they are. And when others feel put down or criticized, they probably won’t like us very much.

But when we make the people around us feel good about themselves, they will want to be around us! If your friend misses what seems to be an easy shot in the volleyball game, instead of making her feel bad, tell her, "Good try! You’ll get it next time." If she made a B on the spelling test even after studying for hours, tell her, "Some of those words were really hard. You should feel proud of that B!"

Christian Friendships

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12 June 2014

four friends

"Lindsay just gave me the other half of her BFF necklace!"

It wasn’t like Cassie had to shout it. Jade and Izzie were standing right next to her, leaning against the brick wall, waiting for their turn on the four square court.

"That’s nice." Jade smiled at Cassie as she ran off to show all the other girls her new treasure.

"Lindsay’s best friends with everyone," Izzie commented, "...for a week."

Jade nodded. Half the girls in Mrs. Madison’s fifth grade class had worn BFF necklaces from Lindsay. Things would be great between Lindsey and her new best friend until the new friend did or said something Lindsay didn’t like. Then it was bye bye BFF.

Jesus' BFF John: Friend with Passion

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09 June 2014


Meet my youngest brother Devan. He rocks! He loves the outdoors and isn’t afraid to tackle challenging projects. This weekend he caught this bucket full of fish he later grilled up for a delicious dinner!


I’ve been thinking about adding fishing to my list of hobbies. Mostly because I love being outside, I love eating fish, and there is a pond I can use right next door! So I decided to give it a try. I casually cast out and reeled it back in. I cast out again and BAM! Fish on the line! EEEeeeeek! AWESOME! Do you think I could bring myself to touch that beautiful, slimy, wiggly, smelly fish? Nope. I take pride in trying to be tough and not too much of a girly, girl but I just couldn’t do it. I’ve got some toughing up to do before I become a fisherwoman!

I can’t imagine spending all day pulling in fish, cleaning them, and preparing them for market. You would need to be tough, strong and dedicated! Many of Jesus' friends were hard working, tough fisherman. Jesus’ BFF John was one of them. Jesus invited John and his brother James to follow him while they were mending some fishing nets with their dad. They left their nets and their adventures with Jesus began. Check it out in Matthew 4:21-22.