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I've been Saved. Now what?

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04 June 2015
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I’ve been saved, but I don’t feel like it. How come I don’t feel any different after praying the Salvation prayer? Shouldn’t something have happened?
kellymartin KELLY MARTIN says:
I guess my answer would be to pray, listen to Christian songs, read the Bible, get into a Bible study, talk to an adult about it, anything that focuses on God. Eventually, you'll feel a warmth in your chest and you'll just know. You'll feel God all around you. Sometimes it happens when you least expect it. Don't give up, though. Just because you don't 'feel 'it doesn't mean you're not saved.

What About People Who Never Heard of Jesus?

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16 May 2015

 jesus with kidsIf you lived in some jungle and believed in God but had never heard of Jesus, would you go to hell when you die?

Angela DusenberryANGELA DUSENBERRY says:

Jeremiah 29:13 says, "And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart."

The truth of the matter is that God will reveal Himself to anyone who is really seeking after Him and the truth. I once had a Christian friend who was being preached at by someone involved in one of the cults.

Questions About Hell

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23 April 2015
I don’t get it.  If God is so loving, why would he send anyone to hell?

That's a great question. I believe hell was created for Satan and all of the other demons who chose to follow him.