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Help! My Mom is Overprotective!

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16 October 2014

parent argument

My mom is scared to let me do anything! I'm sixteen years old and she still treats me like a baby. I've never done anything wrong so I don't know why she doesn't trust me. Though I haven't snuck around behind her back, I'm tempted to start.  What can I do to get some more freedom?


leannaLEANNA KAY says:

Let me start this by saying I am a mom with three kids and all of them are very good kids. Yet I can sometimes be overprotective. It's not that I don't trust them. It's that I don't trust the world!

What I'm trying to say is that it's very likely this isn't a matter of your mom thinking you're going to go out and do something bad (since this has never been your history). Rather she's probably afraid something bad will happen to you.

Will the boy you want to date put the moves on you and date rape you? If you go to the mall by yourself, will you be grabbed and thrown into a paneled van, shipped to Togo and sold into slavery?

All of these things are not likely threats. But your mom has this amazingly deep love for you and she's spent a lifetime protecting you. It's hard to let go. So what do you do?

Career Ideas: Optometrist

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02 October 2014


Do you like people? Are you detail oriented? Do you think math is kind of cool?  Well being an optometrist might be for you! Today, we interview Marie Edling to see what her job is like.

What's your career?

Greetings girls! My career is an optometrist. You optometrist...a doctor for the eyes! I make sure your world is in focus!

Career Ideas: Pastor

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10 September 2014

woman with bibleWhen you see a Psalm, do you immediately think of ways to use it to help teach kids at church? When a classmate loses their home to fire, are you the first to set up a collection to help them out? When you hear a faith song on the radio, do you want to share the message with a friend?  If so, God might be calling you to be a minister.