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How Can I stay Grounded in a public school? H.W., age 12

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18 August 2015

bookBy “grounded,” I assume you mean holding tight to your Christian faith and values while in an environment full of non-believers. As a Christian in a public school, it’s easy to assume you’re different from your classmates. And no one wants to be different unless “different” involves something cool like living a double life as a spy. Which would of course, require you to have a locker full of high-tech spy gadgets.

You can take for granted none of your classmates are hiding disappearing spray or lasers disguised as ballpoint pens in their lockers. But you shouldn’t assume you’re in the minority as a believer. About 75% of girls your age identify themselves as Christians. An easy way to stay grounded is to connect with fellow believers.

Not sure who they might be? Wanna find out without standing up on your desk and shouting out the question? Try one of these suggestions:

**Wear a cross necklace and see if anyone opens up to you about their faith.

**Start a conversation with someone wearing a Christian symbol and see where it leads.

**Join a local youth Christian group. Even if the group meets outside of school, it’s likely you’ll see people you know from school.

Having friends who are fellow believers can help you stay connected with your Christian faith.

Science and God

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23 July 2015

My friend at school says she doesn’t believe in God, she believes in science. What should I say to her?

SHELLY says:
Shelly 480x640Science is about facts and proving something is real and true. I suggest you have your friend read The Case for Christ Student Edition. If you have not read it, you should. The man who wrote it is Lee Strobel. He wrote this book about what he found when he went around trying to prove that God and Christ were fiction. This book is about what he found out and how he came to know Christ is for real.

I've been Saved. Now what?

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04 June 2015
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I’ve been saved, but I don’t feel like it. How come I don’t feel any different after praying the Salvation prayer? Shouldn’t something have happened?
kellymartin KELLY MARTIN says:
I guess my answer would be to pray, listen to Christian songs, read the Bible, get into a Bible study, talk to an adult about it, anything that focuses on God. Eventually, you'll feel a warmth in your chest and you'll just know. You'll feel God all around you. Sometimes it happens when you least expect it. Don't give up, though. Just because you don't 'feel 'it doesn't mean you're not saved.