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Is Kissing a Boy Wrong Even if You Don't Go Too Far?

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27 October 2015

girl kissing toad 

You need to keep in mind that everything you do in a relationship with a boy means something.

Holding someone’s hand, letting them put their arm around your shoulder, allowing them to hug you, and certainly kissing you, all have meaning. Understanding that is very important before you start your first relationship.

Only you can give permission for these things to happen. You don’t want to give these meaningful moments away to just anyone! In many ways, doing one of these, often leads the other person to believe that doing the next is acceptable. But, only you have the right to decide whether or not you will allow someone to share these special moments with you.

In general, there are no specific rules in the Bible about kissing a boy.

If God doesn’t make mistakes, then why did He feel bad about the flood and promise to never do that again? -Lauren

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22 October 2015




This is a really great question. And one that many, many people –even adults—struggle to understand. Before we answer though, you need to understand that in many ways, this is what is called a "loaded" question. In other words, the question itself implies something about God (that He felt bad about the flood and viewed it as a mistake) that is incorrect. God is sad when people choose to go away from Him, but He does not regret punishing those who deserve punishment because he also is a just God (which we’ll cover in a sec). So, we need to clear that up.

There are three things you must understand about God:

How Can I stay Grounded in a public school? H.W., age 12

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18 August 2015

bookBy “grounded,” I assume you mean holding tight to your Christian faith and values while in an environment full of non-believers. As a Christian in a public school, it’s easy to assume you’re different from your classmates. And no one wants to be different unless “different” involves something cool like living a double life as a spy. Which would of course, require you to have a locker full of high-tech spy gadgets.

You can take for granted none of your classmates are hiding disappearing spray or lasers disguised as ballpoint pens in their lockers. But you shouldn’t assume you’re in the minority as a believer. About 75% of girls your age identify themselves as Christians. An easy way to stay grounded is to connect with fellow believers.

Not sure who they might be? Wanna find out without standing up on your desk and shouting out the question? Try one of these suggestions:

**Wear a cross necklace and see if anyone opens up to you about their faith.

**Start a conversation with someone wearing a Christian symbol and see where it leads.

**Join a local youth Christian group. Even if the group meets outside of school, it’s likely you’ll see people you know from school.

Having friends who are fellow believers can help you stay connected with your Christian faith.