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How can you be mean and be a Christian?

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20 January 2015

 mean girl

I have to tell you, this is a question that bothers adults as well. When you are a Christian, it’s so hard to watch another Christian make bad choices.  It often makes you question if they are truly a follower of Christ. Proverbs 13:5 says "The righteous hate what is false."

There are two sides to this question, though.

Why did God Pick Mary to Be Jesus's Mother?

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16 December 2014

ss mary

Why did God choose Mary to be Jesus's mother? I know she was a good person, but there were a lot of other good women around at that time too.  So why Mary? --- Lauren, age 10

That's a good question. When she was chosen, Mary was an ordinary teenaged girl. She hadn't won any beauty contests. She'd never gotten the trophy for best speller. She didn't even have a Nobel Prize.

So why Mary and not someone else? Mary was special because she possessed the qualities God wanted in the mother of his Son: Courage, willingness, and love for God.

Why these particular traits?

Regaining Trust

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02 December 2014

family bonds mother and daughterI have been lying for years and just can't stop! I have always gained trust and lost it and gained it back and then lost it again. How can I regain my mom and dad's trust for good?


Let me begin by saying that I think you are being very brave and mature in admitting you have problem and asking for help. A lot of adults have trouble with that, so you should be proud that at your age you already realize you have something to work on. That you really want to make positive changes in your life is a great start.

Now, here's my two-part plan to help you.