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Questions About Hell

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23 April 2015
I don’t get it.  If God is so loving, why would he send anyone to hell?

That's a great question. I believe hell was created for Satan and all of the other demons who chose to follow him.

Do you get anything you want in heaven?

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19 February 2015

door to heaven ss

When I was young, I found heaven difficult to picture. Adults said heaven was perfect, but what does that mean?

Do people wear white robes and float around with harps? Will angels sing praises to God from nearby clouds? Is it possible you are served double-decker, ice cream cones with sprinkles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

All good guesses, but more movie-like than heaven-like. The truth is heaven is so perfect it is impossible for our human minds to imagine.

Do Pets Go to Heaven? LW., age 11

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16 February 2015

girl with dog

Since you asked, I'm going to assume you have a pet you love greatly. I sense you want reassurance that you'll someday get to see your dog Fido, your cat Mousers, or (say it isn't so!) your creepy crawly tarantula which you use to terrify your mother.