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Career Ideas: Pastor

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10 September 2014

woman with bibleWhen you see a Psalm, do you immediately think of ways to use it to help teach kids at church? When a classmate loses their home to fire, are you the first to set up a collection to help them out? When you hear a faith song on the radio, do you want to share the message with a friend?  If so, God might be calling you to be a minister.  

Career Ideas: Bank Manager

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04 September 2014

When you're in the lunch line, are you the one who can calculate the amount you owe quicker than the cashier? Are you a people person? Do you like structure to your day?  Then working at a bank might be for you!

Meet Katie Sparks.  The manager of a bank in Indiana.

Tell us about banking.

Who doesn’t like the green stuff? Money is a necessary aspect of people’s lives. It's what people receive in return for their hard work. It can be a great gift. It’s how we pay for the clothes on our backs, roof over our heads and the food we eat. Money is important to everyone and as I banker I assist people with their financial needs every day.

Career Ideas: Clothing Store Manager

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29 August 2014

Are you always putting together outfits that your friends think are awesome?  Are you the go-to gal in your house for advice on "what shirt goes with these pants?" Are you the first in line to try out the newest fad?  If so, being a clothing store manager might be the right job for you.

What education is required to do your job?

The awesome thing about working your way up in a company is that experience can be substituted for education and vise versa. If you decide to take the college route, then a degree in visual merchandising or business management would be your best options. I once had a college intern who was offered a management position as soon as she finished her degree.

How did you get the job?

I started out as a part-time sales associate and was promoted to two different assitant manager positions before becoming store manager. It was beneficial for me to understand through first-hand experience what each of my employees felt in their positions. Learning the pros and cons of each level helped to make me a better boss.