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How to Make a Friendship Bracelet

12 March 2015

hugging friends

Ecclesiastes 4

9 Two are better than one,

   because they have a good return for their labor:

10 If either of them falls down,

   one can help the other up.

But pity anyone who falls

   and has no one to help them up.

11 Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm.

   But how can one keep warm alone?

12 Though one may be overpowered,

   two can defend themselves.

A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

We were never meant to walk the walk alone. God longs for us to have friends. Friends to laugh and cry with. Friends to encourage and be encouraged by. Friends that will help us grow in our faith and relationship with our awesome God!

There are times when you may feel alone. That does not mean there is anything wrong with you. Good friends can be hard to find and even good friends have difficult days. Don’t be discouraged. God has a special friend for you! Pray that God will help show you who this friend is. Pray for courage to approach and talk to people you normally wouldn’t.

Check out some past Samie articles for some more specific friendship encouragement and tips. We suggest Making Friends; Christian Friendships;and From Fights to Friendship.

We want to show you something you can make to celebrate the strength of our current and future friends. We are going to make friendship bracelets. Make one and give it to your best friend or make one and give to someone you would like to be a friend.


How to Regain Your Parents' Trust

10 March 2015

mom and daughterI had a friend in elementary school (actually, I think it was our parents that were friends), and I used to hate it when she came over to my house because she always tried to steal my toys when she left. Once I figured it out, I’d always check her when she was leaving to make sure she wasn’t taking anything I cared about. Was she a good friend? No. Was I happy to see her when she came over? Not really. But the thing is, I knew how she was. I knew better than to trust her.

Have you ever caught one of your friends in a lie? Someone you trusted to tell you the truth?


Do you get anything you want in heaven?

19 February 2015

door to heaven ss

When I was young, I found heaven difficult to picture. Adults said heaven was perfect, but what does that mean?

Do people wear white robes and float around with harps? Will angels sing praises to God from nearby clouds? Is it possible you are served double-decker, ice cream cones with sprinkles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

All good guesses, but more movie-like than heaven-like. The truth is heaven is so perfect it is impossible for our human minds to imagine.


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