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Gifts of The Wise Men. Why Gold?

10 December 2014

magi giftsPicture this. You're a wise person, let's just call you a Wise Man. You hear that a great king is going to be born and you want to get him the kind of gift he'll be talking about for years to come. 

We're not talking a Cheese of the Month kind of present.  We're talking about the present to end all presents.  Oh, and let me add in here that you can't order off Amazon. Why? Cause you happen to live in the days before Ipads, texting and twiffering. (Okay, twiffering is a made up thing, but you get my point.)  As a Wise Man in ancient times, what would you gift to the new king who will be called Jesus?


Regaining Trust

02 December 2014

family bonds mother and daughterI have been lying for years and just can't stop! I have always gained trust and lost it and gained it back and then lost it again. How can I regain my mom and dad's trust for good?


Let me begin by saying that I think you are being very brave and mature in admitting you have problem and asking for help. A lot of adults have trouble with that, so you should be proud that at your age you already realize you have something to work on. That you really want to make positive changes in your life is a great start.

Now, here's my two-part plan to help you.


Obama Pardons a Turkey...Have YOU Been Pardoned?

26 November 2014

 turkey pardon

President Obama pardoned a turkey. Look at the picture.  Can you just see the joy on that turkey's face? See his big smile? Okay, so turkeys don't really smile, but this one probably wishes it could.  

Pardoning a turkey has been an annual White House tradition since 1989. The chosen turkey escapes being eaten at Thanksgiving and goes someplace really nice. In past years, the turkey has been flown to Disneyland in California where it serves as a grand marshal for Disneyland's Thanksgiving Day parade. After that, the turkey will spend the rest of its life at a Disneyland ranch. A spot in sunny Disneyland seems a whole lot better than being eaten, doesn't it?


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