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Career Ideas: Clothing Store Manager

29 August 2014

Are you always putting together outfits that your friends think are awesome?  Are you the go-to gal in your house for advice on "what shirt goes with these pants?" Are you the first in line to try out the newest fad?  If so, being a clothing store manager might be the right job for you.

What education is required to do your job?

The awesome thing about working your way up in a company is that experience can be substituted for education and vise versa. If you decide to take the college route, then a degree in visual merchandising or business management would be your best options. I once had a college intern who was offered a management position as soon as she finished her degree.

How did you get the job?

I started out as a part-time sales associate and was promoted to two different assitant manager positions before becoming store manager. It was beneficial for me to understand through first-hand experience what each of my employees felt in their positions. Learning the pros and cons of each level helped to make me a better boss.


A Little Thanks Goes a Long Way

21 August 2014

thank you2Ok, repeat after me: "Thanks, Mom!" or "Thanks, Dad!"

Now really, was that so hard?

Ok. I totally saw you roll your eyes. And yes, this is a two-way mirror.

I know it’s not cool to appreciate your parents, but it is the right thing to do!

After all, when else in your lifetime will you have two people falling all over themselves to be a part of your life? (Hint—never).


Career Ideas: Environmental Engineering Consultant

14 August 2014

woman in hard hatNext in our career series is an environmental engineering consultant. What's that, you ask?  Well read on and find out!

What education is required to do your job?

B.S. in chemical engineering; you can also get a B.S. in civil engineering with a focus in environmental engineering but it usually requires a M.S. too (master's degree)


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