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Get the Skinny on Too Skinny

16 July 2015

When my friend Emily was your age, she struggled with a disorder called anorexia. scalesAnorexia is an emotional disorder in which people become obsessed with losing weight, and they refuse to eat. As you know, we need nutrients from food to keep us healthy. If a body doesn't get nutrients, a person is at risk of dying, and this is what happened to Emily. Emily almost died.

See, Emily didn't feel good about herself, and she sure didn't feel beautiful. However, Emily fought against this disorder, and now, one of Emily's passions is educating others about anorexia and the beauty that comes from God.

Today, Emily agreed to a short interview. 


Can Christians Still Watch and Listen to Non-Christian Music and TV?

19 June 2015



As Christians, it can be tough walking the line between following God and living our day to day lives. Secular music (non-Christian music, in other words) and television are especially tough topics. It’s true that we must protect our eyes and ears from things that can harm us. After all, images and the spoken word can have a powerful impact on someone. But how do you know what to watch and what not to watch? What to listen to and what to tune out?


I've been Saved. Now what?

04 June 2015
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I’ve been saved, but I don’t feel like it. How come I don’t feel any different after praying the Salvation prayer? Shouldn’t something have happened?
kellymartin KELLY MARTIN says:
I guess my answer would be to pray, listen to Christian songs, read the Bible, get into a Bible study, talk to an adult about it, anything that focuses on God. Eventually, you'll feel a warmth in your chest and you'll just know. You'll feel God all around you. Sometimes it happens when you least expect it. Don't give up, though. Just because you don't 'feel 'it doesn't mean you're not saved.

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