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Gossips Beware

13 January 2015


"I heard Amanda stole a tube of lip gloss the last time she went to the store."

"Are you serious?" Lacey gasps. "You mean she shoplifted it?"

Jennifer leans closer to Lacey. "Yeah. I hear she does it all the time."

"I’m not surprised." Lacey lowers her voice. "She just seems like the sort of person you can’t trust."

"I know, right?"


From Fights to Friendship

08 January 2015


Jessie hunched over her peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a scowl. She tore off a chunk of crust and shoved it into her mouth, although she wasn’t hungry. In fact, she’d be fine if the lunch hour bell rang. Then she wouldn’t have to watch Lizzie chum it up with her new friends. Not that she cared. Nope. Their friendship was done. Finished. For good.

“Mind if I sit here?” Gail, a girl from her soccer team, motioned to an empty space at the cafeteria table.


Doing Good While In Your Pajamas

06 January 2015

small giftSometimes, a girl really wants to lend a hand, but she can't go out and join the crowd at a walk-a-thon or book drive. Want to know six ways you can make a difference right from your own bedroom? Even better, get some of your BFFs together and have a do-good sleepover where you can take on one of these super-fun projects.


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