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QUIZ: Which Mary Are YOU Most Like?

17 December 2015

We’ve recently met three of the seven Mary’s mentioned in the Bible. Which Mary are you most like? Grab a scrap of paper and get ready to answer a few questions.


We first met Mary Magdalene who was a great follower of Christ and supported his ministry with her time and money.  Although Mary M. experienced bitterness in life, her encounter with Jesus allowed her to unleash her talents and do great things. Her article is posted here.

We were next introduced to Mary of Bethany who understood the importance of taking time to build a special friendship with Jesus. She was able to be real with Jesus, telling him of her pain and sorrow. You can read about her here.

Last we met Mary, mother of Jesus who took a great risk in doing what God asked.  Her "yes" allowed us to experience the greatest love of all time Read about her here.

Even though these Mary's were all very different, they each shared a love for Christ and their relationship with Him allowed them to do incredible things.

So which Mary are you most like?  Take this quiz and find out!


Mary: Ordinary Girl Brings God to the World

15 December 2015

baby jesusRead Luke 1: 26-38

Seven women named Mary are mentioned in the Bible. We’ve met Mary Magdalene and Mary of Bethany. Now it’s time to say hello to Mary, mother of Jesus. She may be the most well known Mary and woman in the entire Bible. How well do you know Mary?

1. How old was Mary when she gave birth to Jesus?

a. 14

b. 18

c. 24

d. 52

2. When Mary became pregnant with Jesus she was…

a. single

b. engaged

c. married

3. Mary’s community and parents were thrilled at the news that she would be bringing the Son of God into the world?

a. true

b. false

Read on for the answers.... 


Gifts of the Magi - Why Myrrh?

10 December 2015

magi gifts second photoSo let's pretend you're the last of the Wise Men. Your buddies already snatched up the easy baby gifts - gold and frankincense.  Read about those gifts here for gold and here for frankincense. That leaves you with what? Myrhh.

You can't even say it, let alone spell it.  What is this mystery substance and why did it end up on the baby gift list when Jesus was born?


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