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Career Ideas: Anesthesiologist

28 October 2014


Are you a highly energetic person who hops out of bed ready to save the world?  Do you really enjoy helping people? Are you not even a little grossed out by oozing green snot or wounds gushing blood?  Then being a doctor might be the right career for you!

Today, we interview Dr. Kim Milhoan about her career as an anesthesiologist.

What's your career?

I am a pediatric cardiac anesthesiologist. That means I take care of children who have heart disease when they need anesthesia for heart surgery or any other type of procedure.


Being Teased? Remember who you REALLY are!

23 October 2014

hair flying away

A few years ago, my daughters and I were in a play where it wasn’t all applause. At least, not for her. Because one of the adults was mad at me, she took out her anger on Beth.

Yeah, not a real adult way to handle frustration, but we’re all messed up in some way, right? Every rehearsal, she belittled and hurt her, until my teenager hated being in a show she had been excited about.

Something had to change.


Being Teased. Three Ways to Make it Stop

21 October 2014

outcast3I think the real teasing started for me in third grade. I'm pretty sure it had something to do with the blue cat's eye glasses I got that year. OK, so I loved blue. (Still do.) But my parents definitely should have steered me away from that particular fashion choice.

The painfully shy awkward girl who got straight A's and could always be found in a corner reading a book? That was me. It made me a target for cruelty I didn't know how to manage until much, much later.


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