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Science and God

23 July 2015

My friend at school says she doesn’t believe in God, she believes in science. What should I say to her?

SHELLY says:
Shelly 480x640Science is about facts and proving something is real and true. I suggest you have your friend read The Case for Christ Student Edition. If you have not read it, you should. The man who wrote it is Lee Strobel. He wrote this book about what he found when he went around trying to prove that God and Christ were fiction. This book is about what he found out and how he came to know Christ is for real.

Getting Your First Period

21 July 2015




"Have you gotten your monthly gift yet?"

            The first time a classmate asked me this, I was in fifth grade and I thought something awesome would come my way. Did somebody enroll me in the chocolate-of-the-month club? I could hardly wait to receive the Reece Cups and Snickers bars.

            And then I got it. The monthly gift that is, and it wasn’t chocolate.


Get the Skinny on Too Skinny

16 July 2015

When my friend Emily was your age, she struggled with a disorder called anorexia. scalesAnorexia is an emotional disorder in which people become obsessed with losing weight, and they refuse to eat. As you know, we need nutrients from food to keep us healthy. If a body doesn't get nutrients, a person is at risk of dying, and this is what happened to Emily. Emily almost died.

See, Emily didn't feel good about herself, and she sure didn't feel beautiful. However, Emily fought against this disorder, and now, one of Emily's passions is educating others about anorexia and the beauty that comes from God.

Today, Emily agreed to a short interview. 


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